Committed to providing solutions for your future needs.
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We, at CANFIN Financial Group, are a fast growing service-driven Advisory and Planning Group. This has been accomplished through our knowledgeable, professional staff and advanced technologies. We are committed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to grow your business and streamline your administration processes and to keep you, the Advisor, abreast of the market and solutions for your clients.

CANFIN Financial Group's Advisor Portal is a secure resource centre developed to meet the daily sales and marketing needs of our advisors.

Features include:

  • Email
  • Marketing Websites and eNewsletters
  • Events & Seminars
  • Sales and Marketing tools
  • Up-to-date company information
  • For personal demonstration, contact your nearest CANFIN Financial Group’s Head Office.

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Committed to providing solutions for your future needs.

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