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CANFIN's Qualified Approach: CANFIN's Qualified Approach: Desired results are not an accident; they are deliberately planned and carefully executed. Wealth creation, management, preservation and distribution should be treated in the same way – the CANFIN way! Our approach in this area is composed of the following six tasks:

CANFIN's Qualified Approach
  1. Collection - Clarifying your present situation (identifying your goals, objectives, financial challenges by collecting qualitative and quantitative information)
  2. Analysis – Assess information, identifiy potential opportunities and constraints to formulate strategies.
  3. Narrative – Develop a comprehensive or modular report evaluating the current state and future outcomes using current information and future assumptions.
  4. Formulate – Formulate strategies and recommendations by synthesizing the information collected and analyzed including the advantages and disadvantages (trade-offs) of each.
  5. Implementation – We will assist the client in either implementing the strategies and recommendations and/or coordinate with other professionals mutually agreed to.
  6. Never-Ending Monitoring - Achieving the goals and objectives of the financial plan is the ultimate measure of success. To do this, periodic reassessment of the plan and making adjustments accordingly at scheduled times until the “mission is accomplished!”

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