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Navigating Cross-Border Finance

Why CANFIN Global

CANFIN Global refers to CANFIN Worldwide Financial Group Inc. We respond to the needs of multinational families, expatriates and others whose personal and financial capital facilitation crosses international boundaries through a global alliance of wealth management specialists.

The global financial service industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. As more products and services become available to the global and globe-trotting investor, so too does the complexity and level of the knowledge that is required by the financial services professional. Take a moment to think - does your current financial advisor, broker or bank have the level of cross-border expertise and knowledge necessary to help you achieve and maintain financial security?

There are unique issues for cross-border clients in matters relating to cash management, income tax, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, and investments. Additionally, immigration and/or customs planning may be a first step or dealing with the implications of dual- or tri-citizenship on the client’s financial situation due to newly enacted legislation, regulation or law such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA).

CANFIN Global believe knowledge, trust and integrity are key. We put our belief in action by requiring all our respective financial advisors to complete the rigorous Certified Financial Planner (CFP) program. But this is just a minimum standard - they must also distinguish themselves by demonstrating their proficiency in practice methods, ethics and practical knowledge of the financial planning discipline specific to cross-border clients.

Our commitment to providing you with this "qualified approach" to cross-border wealth creation and management is unique in our industry, yet one we are sure you will agree is crucial for your continued financial success.

The Members of CANFIN Global alliance of wealth management advisors are not limited to financial institutions, nor do we represent any single trust company, bank, life insurance company or mutual fund company. Since your needs will be different from that of our many other clients, we work closely with a number of financial services suppliers to choose only those products and services that will best meet your needs and objectives.

In conclusion, CANFIN Global provide "solutions", not just products or services. Our unique combination of the best qualified financial advisors, the widest selection of financial products and alliances with in-house and on-call professionals means we can cater to all your financial services needs.

Worldwide Financial Services

CANFIN Worldwide Financial Services Inc.

Insurance and Investments for Non-Canadian or Non-US Residents

Canfin Worldwide Financial Services Inc. offers you, the professional advisor the opportunity to expand your practice to Family Members, friends and contacts outside of Canada & United States.

We offer:

Representing well known and reputable multinational companies, some of them are a part of the Fortune 500 Companies. Our goal is to give you the professional advisor the opportunity to do business anywhere in the world, using the same strategies and ideas that we use in Canada, to help our international clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Let our knowledge and experience help you build your international business.

If you think this is for you TAKE ACTION now by contacting Canfin Worldwide Financial Services Inc. at



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