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Wealth Distribution and Management - offers various Planning and Advisory Services strategies to manage and distribute wealth especially in the most tax efficient manner. Whether the distribution of wealth is for retirement funding, education funding, succession and estate planning or any other reason, maximum transfer value is only possible by minimizing or eliminating taxes completely.

Who is CMI?

CMI is a proud member of the CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP of companies. Since 1995, tens of thousands of individuals, professionals, and business enterprises have created, preserved, managed and distributed their wealth with the “qualified” advice of CANFIN’s management consultants, certified financial planners and advisors.

CMI is the management-consulting arm of CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP. Our services are specifically tailored to the Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs).

What you can expect from CANFIN MANAGEMENT INC. (CMI)

CMI is a management consulting firm that specializes in working with SMEs (the small and medium enterprises) business sector in Canada.

Generally speaking, SMEs are the engine of the Canadian economy. Despite their small and medium size, they make a substantial impact in job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Despite their significance to the Canadian economy, SMEs are often left alone to sink or swim. Their size makes it difficult to obtain high priced, big name consulting firms. CMI specializes with SMEs. Our consulting work is custom designed for the SME, therefore the size of the work is commensurate with the fees paid, making our services very affordable. Most importantly, our recommendations often lead to immediate action converting the cost of our work into an investment.

CMI objective is to help SMEs discover and execute their Competitive Advantage. We do this by using “our qualified approach”. This approach involves three steps:

  1. Investigation: A comprehensive business diagnostic in which all aspects of the business (marketing, finance, HR/operations, technology, communication and strategy) are investigated
  2. Assessment: Rigorous assessment of our investigation combined with an objective “internal and external size-up” of the business and its position relative to competitors will allow the business client to determine their unique capabilities and core competencies. (This step involves face-to-face meeting with the company owner and senior management team.)
  3. Report Findings: The deliverables at this stage consist of:
    1. External and Internal “size-up” findings
    2. Revised strategic direction (vision, mission, and value statements)
    3. Key issues to address (Goals and Objectives)
    4. Action items and implementation steps

When we undertake a project for a client, the end game we seek for all of our clients are the relentless focus on how a business can use their “Competitive Advantage to improve profitability, increase market-share, engender customer satisfaction and enhance value-creation.”

– D. Tony Mahabir
Principal – Management Consulting
CANFIN Management Inc.

Mission Statement:

We remain relentlessly committed to our mission statement:

“To help our clients demonstrate trustworthy signs of good management through organizational success. We do this by conducting an organizational check-up using our exclusive Business Diagnostic Systems resulting in helping the organization realize their strategic competitive advantage.”

In every case, the results speak for themselves, some louder than others. The main results are:


At CMI, our vision is to be the primary resource for our clients in helping them build and grow their market position strong enough, and an organization capable enough, to produce successful performance despite unforeseeable events, potent competition, a rash of delays, or cost surprises. Values:

  1. CMI stands firmly on 5 principles
  2. Consistent application of our proven and qualified Business Diagnostics models.
  3. Excellence in all of our dealings between our clients and us.
  4. Comprehensive services through our closely linked group of expert service providers,
  5. To deliver independent, objective, and sound advice/recommendations by combining high level and low level analysis with the internal and external business environment within which our clients operate.
  6. Committed to being good corporate citizens by adhering to the triple bottom line: sustainable business, environmentally friendly business and ethical business operations to make stakeholders proud to associate with us. So proud in fact, that we become contagious to all those who are in contact with us.