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As a Canfin Management Consultant


Canfin Management consultants are contracted by organizations to provide independent and objective advisory services in areas such as strategic planning, facilitation, quality assurance, education and training, investment, information technology, identification and analysis of management problems, solution development or strategy implementation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Organizations hire management consultants when they do not have the required resources or expertise In-house, or they need external objective advice. They may ask consultants to help them manage, change, or solve problems. In general, management consultants:

  • Define the nature and extent of a project by gathering information
  • Analyze the data collected and use their background knowledge to develop proposals for improving methods, systems or procedures
  • Present their recommendations to the client organization
  • Assist in implementing their recommendations if required.

Most management consultants at Canfin will specialize in particular fields (for example, accounting, communications, finance, human resources, marketing, materials management, organizational restructuring, quality and efficiency).

Working Conditions

A typical consulting project may involve long hours. Often it also means dividing our time between the offices and our clients' workplaces, and may involve a significant amount of time travelling. Additionally, we must work under pressure of deadlines and clients' high expectations. Many clients expect to see dramatic improvements in business performance in a very short period of time.

Personal Characteristics

Management consultants need the following characteristics:

  • Energy, confidence and creativity
  • The ability to remain objective, think analytically, quickly synthesize new information and exercise good judgement
  • Good listening skills, tact and the ability to communicate with all kinds of people
  • Creative problem solving skills, the ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • The ability to recognize the dynamics and politics of an organization
  • The ability to influence and persuade executives to make decisions.

A Canfin Management Consultant typically enjoys analyzing managerial methods and conducting research, taking charge of situations, and providing critical assessments and constructive advice. This includes presenting findings and recommendations to individuals or groups of decision makers, and fielding critical questions about recommendations.

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