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Opportunities at Canfin Financial Group: Financial Planner

Congratulations! You are a Certified Financial Planner. You completed this task through a rigorous series of courses, assignments, and exams. And, finally you wrote the Financial Planning Standards Council's exam demonstrating that you have the proficiency and experience in order to use this internationally recognized and prestigious mark of a professional financial planner.

Obviously, you went through this sacrifice because you realized that:

  • Consumers wants to deal with knowledgeable professional financial planners
  • Complex laws, information overload, product saturation, and too much do it yourself literature are making it more and more difficult for the average consumer to decide on the most appropriate course of action on their own.
  • Most importantly, you wanted to operate at a higher standard than simply a financial advisor.

Now, step up to the next level:

"Run a Profitable Financial Planning Practice with Canfin Financial"

Canfin Financial Group will provide you with the research and planning tools to help you differentiate from your competitors.

Most dealers and firms merely sponsor advisors/salespersons with a CFP designation. Once the licensing is over, the advisor is left alone to fend for themselves with very little training and support. Is your current firm one of them?

For things to improve and get better, you have to get better.

At Canfin Financial Group we will not only sponsor you, but we will work with you to help you develop and build a highly successful financial planning practice. We will provide you with:

  1. A Turn Key Financial Planning System
  2. Support and Training on the latest financial planning software
  3. A comprehensive line-up of brand name products and services
  4. Full compliance and financial planning guidance to assist you and your clients create, preserve and distribute wealth through our Wealth Management Services Division.

It's great to say that you are a CFP, but its what you do with it that counts. Your biggest challenge is to find a firm who will assist you to design your business so that you can assist your clients in achieving financial freedom without affecting your profitability in these changing times.

Come and talk to us and see the difference. The worst thing that will happen will be a second opinion. But, the best thing may be the opportunity of a lifetime!


Opportunities at Canfin Financial Group



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