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Opportunities at Canfin Financial Group: Investment Advisor

The mutual fund landscape is always changing and a mutual fund “Advisor's” success is predicated in his or her abilities to see the trends and to implement the most appropriate strategies to ensure continued growth, stability, and success.

Let Canfin Magellan Investments help you not only to meet this mandate, but also to exceed it.

Our research has led us to conclude that while most Investment Advisors are rich in knowledge and products they are usually poor in process, tools, and skills. Our research has also indicated that the investor wants and has a high demand for a wide array of investment products and services presented in an objective, independent, and unbiased manner.

After an extensive market survey, we found that the solutions to the above did not exist. Canfin Magellan Investments was created to bridge the gap between Advisor and Investor. We can best describe Canfin Magellan as “a dealership with the complete solution.” Essentially, we provide a fully integrated back office system for the Investment Advisors. In addition to the distribution of mutual funds, strip bonds, limited partnerships, guaranteed investment certificates, labor sponsored investment funds, and other quality investment products. Our services include compliance, commission reporting and advice.

Canfin Advisors are able to:

  • Get timely answers to their inquiries, on-line
  • Local order tracking with electronic confirmations
  • Rapid access to data for all your clients at your fingertips
  • Online monitoring of assets under administration
  • Online access to fund prices
  • Create client list, sales report by date, transaction, etc.

Come see the difference with Canfin Magellan Investments.

As your dealer of choice, we will provide you with the training, support, and service to empower you to exceed your goals. Come and benefit from our unique and proven method of running your investment and financial planning practice. Our system not only works, but it welcomes, supports, and rewards initiative. Finally, the system to increase sales and provide superior customer service has arrived.

Let us help you declare your independence!

Opportunities at Canfin Financial Group



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Committed to providing solutions for your future needs.

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