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Tax preparers, like car mechanics, are people everyone wants to know. Every person with a job has to pay taxes, and every person who pays taxes dreads doing the paperwork. A CANFIN Income Tax Specialist is the perfect solution.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To be an awesome CANFIN tax preparer you'll have to greet customers and conduct interviews with potential clients. Depending on the type of Tax Returns (T1, T2, T3, etc.) you need to complete, the questions and information required will vary. Once you gather information from clients, you'll complete (or audit) the income tax returns and any related tax forms and submit to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or the client. Overall, the process is almost always handled electronically, so you'll need to know your way around a keyboard and know how to use the tax software.

As A CANFIN Accountant, or Bookkeeper:

Accountants provide financial reporting and consulting services for organizations and individuals. Bookkeepers enable clients to maintain systematic records of business transactions and verify and record those transactions. They use computers to calculate, prepare and process invoices, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and budget documents, and other routine financial records.

Duties of an Accountant

Accountants offer accounting services to the public. Duties vary from one position to another but, in general:

Duties of a Bookkeeper

Working Conditions

Accountants and Bookkeepers usually work in an office setting. Their hours of work vary depending on the organization and level of responsibility. Extended hours are required at company budgeting time, month end or in late winter and early spring.

For more information on a career as a CANFIN Income Tax Specialist, Accountant or Bookkeeper, please request a confidential and personal interview by filling in the Get Career Info form. Click Here

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