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At CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc. we are committed to our investors goals. We are constantly striving to preserve your capital and generate strong returns while minimizing the taxes you pay. We are able to do this only after an investment plan have been carefully designed by taking into account your risk profile, time horizon, and ageAdditionally, CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc. recommends that you regularly review your investment strategy to make timely adjustments when necessary.

Keeping focused and committed to your investment plan, We are convinced that you will be able to enjoy strong returns during periods when the stock markets are buoyant and preserve capital when stock markets are depressed. When the stock market falls, as it will from time to time, please do not be concerned or anxious to switch or move in and out of your investments. This can be very difficult, however, but resisting the urge to redeem is critical during a temporary decline in the stock market.

In other words, treat your mutual funds investments the same way you invest in your house. That is, you would not sell and move to an apartment if the real estate market is bad.

We believe that every investor should adhere to these six common investment principles followed by renowned investment wizards like Sir John Templeton, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch:

  1. Invest for the long term
  2. Invest with patience
  3. Don't time the markets
  4. Don't worry about shifts in the economy and markets
  5. Avoid predictions

Don't chase the latest fad which sounds to good too be true, very often they are.

Additionally, CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc. does not speculate or gamble with their client's money even if the client wants us to. Therefore, our policy is to avoid investors who believe that successful investing depends on predicting the stock market's ups and downs. Investors who buy and sell frequently, by trying to time the highs and lows of stock prices are actually gambling with their money. The odds of beating the market consistently over the long term are slim. Investors on the other hand are different from gamblers because they buy and hold their investments for the long term.

Finally, life generally comes with very few guarantees. However, by following our philosophy above...

You can invest with confidence!

The table below provides a brief outline of the types of investment products we offer:

Investment Management