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CANFIN Capital Group Inc. through its licensed and professionally trained insurance representatives provides independent insurance analysis and services for all your personal and business needs.

Products for Individuals

  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Supplementary Health
  • Disability Income Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection Plans
  • Individual Health, Dental, and Prescription Plans
  • Substandard/Rated Programs

Products for Businesses

  • Business Maintenance
  • Buy/Sell Funding
  • Key Person Funding
  • Employee Group Plans
  • Individual Group Insurance
  • Collateral Insurance
  • Split Dollar Insurance
  • Secular Trusts

We represent many of Canada's Top Rated Insurance Companies. This means that you and your CANFIN Representative will compare several different policy options, side by side and custom tailor a policy that's best for you.

If you would like personalized advice or specific policy change, or recommendation you should contact your CANFIN Capital Group representative or contact us and we will reply within 24 hrs

Life Insurance

What is your most important asset? If you’re like most Canadians, it’s your ability to earn income. People don’t think twice about insuring their capital assets, but pay little attention to the asset that makes it all possible — you and your ability to earn income. Insurance is a crucial part of an individual’s financial plan. It fills a distinct need that exists during the time we are saving for retirement as well as in retirement years.

Your life insurance needs will change over the course of your lifetime. You may require term insurance providing a death benefit, whole life or “cash value” insurance which provides living benefits in addition to the death benefit, or tax-advantaged universal life insurance, which blends low cost term insurance with a tax deferred investment vehicle. Whatever your needs, your CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP Advisor will review the plan type, cost, features and benefits of policies to ensure that security for you and your family is not compromised and that you have the right type and right amount of coverage

Disability Income Plans

In Canada, there are 1.8 million disabled individuals between ages 18 and 64, and more than half of those individuals have annual incomes of less than $10,000. If it happened to you, who would pay the bills? Would your family be exposed to financial hardship? Disability insurance protects against this type of risk.

Things to be considered when choosing disability coverage include what defines a disability, when benefits will be paid out, for how long they will be paid out, and whether benefits are taxable or not. Your CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP Advisor can assist you in selecting the disability coverage that makes most sense for you and will ultimately mean peace of mind for you and your family

Travel, Health, Dental Insurance and more...
Travel Insurance, Individual Health and Dental and more...
Let CANFIN be your source for all your individual insurance needs. We offer a range of individual risk management products and services including Travel Health Insurance, Supplementary Health Plans, Mortgage Protection Plans, Individual Health, Dental and Prescription Plans, and Rated Program.

Critical Illness and Long Term Care

It’s a sad thought, but according to recent statistics Heart Diseases, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Strokes will affect more and more Canadians.

Here are the Facts:

Heart Diseases


Multiple Sclerosis


Sources: Canadian Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, National MS Society

Advances in medical technology have resulted in decreases in death rates which means more people survive longer, but the bottom line is, we are still getting ill. If you survived a critical illness, would you have enough money to pay for private nurses and home care, special medical treatments, career retraining or daily living expenses?

Your CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP Advisor can help you select coverage to protect yourself from the financial impact of survivable critical illness and long-term health care.