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VirtualSage™ In A Nutshell

VirtualSage™ by Canfin is an alternative way to communicate with our prospective and existing clients who prefer to have a more arms-length relationship a platform where we offer pure Advisory, Planning and/or Periodic Monitoring services for a fee using the phone and computer to meet.

First session with VirtualSage™ is always Free/Complimentary and at no risk to the client in order to understand their specific goals and objectives.

This Fee is a method of compensation where a CFP or RRC professional is paid directly by the client for engaging us in Planning, Advisory and/or Periodic Monitoring capacity of their wealth management affairs.

The nature of the services will always be explicitly expressed in the form of a written Letter of Engagement (LOE) of the Financial Plan, Retirement Plan, etc.

The scope of our work upon which a Fee –For-Service will be established will always follow the steps below:

Component Included in Fee
Collection Yes
Analysis/Synthesis Yes
Narrative Yes
Formulation of Strategies and Recommendations Yes
Implementation of Product/Services
*if mutually agreed by Planner and Client
Post-Implementation Periodic Monitoring Services
**at a pre-established monitoring or hourly fee + applicable taxes



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Committed to providing solutions for your future needs.

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