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CANFIN 25th Anniversary

1995, we started with these words

CANFIN was formed on September 15th 1995 with the belief that:

We also knew that a window of opportunity was open for serious, honest and hardworking advisors. Advisors with the proper knowledge, education and certification can and will provide superior financial counselling.

We were thoroughly convinced that an educational and process oriented approach to financial planning could benefit the public we serve in a major way. A client with clearly defined goals and a desire to build financial independence can do so if pointed in the right direction.

A decision had to be made. Can we provide better answers to the problems of taxation, retirement, spiralling education costs, and a deteriorating standard of living?

We had very little money. Actually all we had was a reputation with the suppliers and advisors as people you can trust. We were known for our dedication and integrity. We were aware that in order to talk to anyone about working with us we had to ensure that we have an ample supply of excellent products and efficient administration. We then communicated our plans to our respective suppliers who in turn were excited to forge a relationship with us. With 21 advisors between us, a promise and a few commitment values we began testing our formula.

We promised to provide excellent leadership in the marketplace. To do this we must remain relentlessly committed to our joint mission statement:

"To be the most trusted, knowledgeable and professional advisors, providing our customers with comprehensive advice, quality products and outstanding service to achieve their financial goals."

2000, CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP marched into the new millennium with the following:

We are one of Canada's most trusted independent financial planning organizations. Tens of thousands of Canadian families and businesses entrust their assets and financial security to CANFIN financial planners throughout Ontario.

Through the supervision of Certified Financial Planners and our team of Lawyers, Accountants and Estate planning experts, we are able to offer individuals, business owners and professionals the broadest range of financial planning solutions.


CANFIN's founders have over 50 years of cumulative experience in helping Canadians achieve financial freedom. This experience, particularly during the challenging markets of the 1980 and 1990's, means that CANFIN professionals are among the most knowledgeable and tenacious in the business.

With today's ever-changing tax laws, complex investment choices and varying market conditions, a customized financial plan is crucial in determining your financial success.

Your CANFIN financial planner will take you step-by-step through the financial planning process.

The result will be the development of a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your age, current and desired income level, risk tolerance level and stage of life.

25 Years of Excellence in 2020!

CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP continues to innovate to provide comprehensive and integrated wealth management services to businesses and their employees, professionals and individuals.


Comprehensive because creating wealth, distributing wealth, managing and preserving wealth cannot be done in isolation. A full 360-degree perspective is required to ensure that success in one area does not conflict with another.

We use an integrated approach in all our engagements because when it comes to the creation, distribution, preservation and management of wealth there are no easy answers, and may involve other highly skilled individuals to work collaboratively with us to develop custom-tailored solutions based on the unique circumstances of our respective clients.

To help our respective clients achieve their goals, We will only associate with financial planners, advisors and other professionals and service providers who are committed to life-long learning and professional development.

All of our clients will always experience our "qualified approach to wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth distribution and management!"